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Extreme Long Range III

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Extreme Long Range III
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Extreme Long Range (ELR) III

ELR III focuses on the targets at Unknown Distances, moving students from the BTA High Angle Range and the Unknown Distance Range, the third range location in the WU Precision Academy. 

 The ELR III forces students into a holistic application of the firearm platform, focusing on the extreme technical requirements from the shooter, environmental data and cartridge/platform understanding.  The BTA Unknown Distance Range offers targets ranging from 600 yards to over 2 miles, sized from 2 MOA to 4 MOA depending on the distance.  Data gathering/retention is the primary focus in this advanced ELR Course.



Course Schedule*:

Day 1: Classroom Instruction/KD Data Gathering

0900 – Introduction

0900-0945 – Classroom Review

·         Internal Ballistics/External Ballistics/Marksmanship Techniques/Optical Adjustments

1000-1045 – Rifle Sight-in

1600-1645 – Known Distance Data Gathering

 Day 2: Alternate Firing Positions 

0900-1145 – High Angle Engagements Firing Point #2

1200-1245 – Lunch

1300-1630 – Unknown Distance Range

 Day 3: Unknown Distance Data Gathering

0900-1145 – High Angle Engagements Firing Point #2

1200-1245 – Lunch

1300-1630 – Unknown Distance Range

1645-1700 –Final Lecture

 *This schedule is tentative.  Times are subject to change.

Extreme Long Range:   Required and Suggested Equipment




·         Rifle chambered in acceptable cartridge/caliber for the engagement distances

·         Spotting Scope w/Tripod

·         Hearing Protection

·         Eye Protection

·         Shooting Mat or equivalent

·         200 Rounds of ammunition

o   More is encouraged

o   Handloads are acceptable

·         Rifle Optic

o   10X minimum

o   100 MOA/30MRAD Travel (or correlating amount in optics base/optic combination)

·         Rifle Cleaning Kit

·         Pack or Rucksack

o   Used as a primary shooting rest

o   Bipods are also allowed as secondary rest

·         Water Container

·         Hiking Boots

·         Waterproofing Material

o   Poncho or tarp

o   garbage bags

·         Bug Spray

·         Sun block

This is a progressive curriculum and must be taken in order:  ELR I - ELR II - ELR III.  Each course curriculum leads into the next.

*If you would like to register more than one person for this course please add it to your Cart as two separate items.

If you have questions or comments regarding Whittington U, please contact us at or call (800)494-4853.
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