Practical Pistol Masters:  No-Light

Practical Pistol Masters: No-Light

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April 30-May 1, 2020
September 29-30, 2020
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Practical Pistol Masters:  No-light

The Practical Pistol No-light Masters Course focuses on potential engagements that can occur during periods of darkness.  The purpose of Practical Pistol No-light Masters is skill building, incorporating the overall mechanics involved with controlling the movement of the Muzzle while traversing over ground, and the interaction of holding the firearm and a lighting device.

The WU Practical Pistol series focuses on Violence as a Means of Last Resort, with the defense of ourselves and our loved ones as part of an overall lifestyle change.

Practical Pistol No-light Masters Course will cover:

· Static Fire/Body Position Refresher Drills

· Shooting in Motion

. Corridor Drills

. No-light Engagements

. No-light Scenario Engagements


Note: This is a progressive curriculum. We require students to take the courses in succession: PPI - PPII - PPIII - Masters


*Note:  The PP Masters No-Light takes place mostly at night, so expect to end each day around 0330-0430 in the morning. 

What you will need: (a detailed list will be sent with Course Welcome letter)

·         Sidearm (semi-automatic or revolver) .32cal or larger

·         3 magazines/speed loader minimum

·         500 rounds ammunition

No Handloaded Ammunition Allowed

  • ·         Holster
  • ·         Sturdy Belt
  • ·         Eye/Ear Protection
  • ·         Sunscreen/Bug spray
  • ·         Water Bottle/Container
  • ·         Flashlight (Firearm Mounted or Hand held – or both)


Course Schedule: Practical Pistol Masters No-light:

    Day 1:

              1600-1700 – Static Fire Drills

   1700-1900 – Shooting in Motion/Corridor Drills

    1900-2030 – Meal break

   2030-2130 – Static Fire Drills

   2130-Until Completed – Shooting in Motion/Corridor Drills


Day 2:

2030-Until Completed – No-light Scenario Engagements


*This schedule is tentative.  Times are subject to change.

Course participants may also purchase an ammunition package with the appropriate round count.


This is a progressive curriculum and must be taken in order:  PPI - PPII – PPIII – PP Masters.  Each course curriculum leads into the next.

Masters Courses are designed to present challenging scenarios based on real world situations.  Students can choose the Masters they would like to attend based on the topic; the only pre-requisite for Masters is PPI - PPIII. 

*If you would like to register more than one person for this course please add it to your Cart as two separate items.

If you have questions or comments regarding Whittington U, please contact us at or call (800)494-4853.

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