Precision Academy

The Whittington U Precision Academy offers courses specifically oriented towards 1000 Yard and Extreme Long Range Engagements, allowing for all centerfire cartridges and rifle platforms to be used. The School of 1000 Yards focuses on the caliber/cartridges and rifle platforms that are designed for engagements between 100 – 1200 yards, with the School of Extreme Long Range emphasizing the cartridge/calibers that are designed for 2000 yard and beyond engagements.

The Whittington U Precision Academy courses take place in the beautiful NRA Whittington Center's Backcountry Training Area that is equipped with a Known Distance, High Angle and Unknown Distance Range to maximize each course to its fullest potential.

Both the School of 1000 Yards and School of ELR offer various Masters Courses that are designed to challenge each graduate by putting them in an environment that forces them to employ the skills taught in previous courses. Our Precision Academy Masters Courses are extremely progressive and the Level I-III Courses are a requirement to participate.