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We train for everyday in the Whittington-U Defensive Academy Courses.  We live in a 360 degree world, a world in constant motion, a world that won't wait for us to spring into action should we be thrust into a defensive situation.  Therefore, all Whittington-U courses are taught on 360 degree ranges where dynamic movement, defensive posture and the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship are emphasized.

One of the things that sets Whittington U courses apart is that all WU instructors who teach Defensive Academy courses are combat veterans.  Whittington U's premiere instructors bring real world experience into the classroom and present a dynamic and captivating course, one in which our students walk away with the confidence in their firearm and most importantly their ability to safely and effectively use one.

Whittington U
encourages family members and friends to attend our Defensive Academy courses together.  After all, we rely on our friends and family members in so many others aspects of life...  Relying on each other for the defense of it should be one of our highest priorities!

The Whittington U is the instructional division of the Whittington Center that utilizes an educational model in the approach to firearms instruction. Broken down into Academies that are applicable to the firearm or method of instruction, the Whittington U strives to assist all students in building both confidence and a fundamental understanding of all the firearm platforms.

The Whittington U also focuses on the real world implementation of the firearm platform, regardless if it is a technical, precision long range or defensive oriented curriculum. Each course is designed to educate students in a manner that is both easily understandable and retainable. Our course sizes are no larger than 10 students per class with a student/instructor ratio of 4:1 to ensure strong one-on-one interaction.

2021 Whittington U Course Dates
  • New Mexico Concealed Carry Courses New Mexico Concealed Carry Courses
    The NRA Whittington Center is proud to offer state approved and certified New Mexico Concealed Carry Courses through our Whittington U Training program. Students will receive instruction from state certified concealed carry instructors. Upon successfully completing the course requirements students will receive a certificate of completion.
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